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26-Jan-2009, 12:17
A quick darkroom question, what do you do with your used fixer? From what I understand developer and stop are pretty non-toxic but fixer is full of of silver and not all that great for flushing into the sewer/river. At some point I learned to throw it into a tub with some steel wool which somehow takes the silver out of the solution, making the liquid safe to dump (leaving a nice sludge of silver in the tub to be recycled at some later date).

Now that I've been developing and printing a bit more the tub is filling up faster and I'm wondering if the theory behind this is sound or if I'm still dumping something I shouldn't down the drain.. Any thoughts on what to do or whether the steel wool method is affective are greatly appreciated....thanks.

26-Jan-2009, 12:48
The local university will probably take it to recycle. You should check with their photo department.

26-Jan-2009, 15:12
Or check with local commercial labs who sometimes will help out.

26-Jan-2009, 18:29
Thanks for the suggestions on recycling, I'll check into a few places here and see what I can come up with. As far as the way I have been doing things, anybody know if the steel wool method does anything or is it a tall tale?

27-Jan-2009, 09:23
There are relevant threads at APUG.

These might be a start:



27-Jan-2009, 10:35
Thanks, I'll check them out.

27-Jan-2009, 11:05
buy a iron core trickle tank or get a
drum and have a waste hauler take all your liquids.

John Powers
29-Jan-2009, 17:16
Another vote for the university photo dept. The professors in the Photography Dept. of Akron U (OH) see that as a way of thinking green. Since our house is fed by a well that is a very comfortable shade of green.