View Full Version : 110XL which non-extra wide filter actually fits

Cedric P. Thevenaz
19-Jun-2001, 15:36
Thank you in advance to any and all...

I know that most people prefer not to attach a filter to the front of a supreme quality lens just for the sake of "protection". However, I can be a clutz somet imes, in fact I almost put a ding in my new 110 just a few short days into my ow nership.

I'd like to purchase a UV or skylight filter (B&W, Hoya, whatever) of excellent quality and have read all threads relating to the 110XL filter issue but can't f ind specifics. Can anyone please let me know WHICH specific 67mm filter screws completely onto the 110XL without touching the glass. I would prefer to NOT use an extra-wide or step-up for the purpose.

Thank you very kindly.

paul owen
20-Jun-2001, 09:46
Cedric, IMHO I think you'd be hard pushed to find a 67mm filter that doesn't touch the front element. I solved the problem by using a 67-77mm step up ring and now use 77mm filters with no ill effect, another option is to remove the glass from a 67mm filter and use this as a 67-67mm ring, attaching the filter to the empty ring. I understand that even the "thin filters" still place the filter too close for comfort to the front element. Regards