View Full Version : FORTEPAN 200 and 400

Martin Kapostas
1-Aug-2001, 04:48
Hi all,

Is here someone who works with the above mentioned films. Especially Zone System .



Kevin Kemner
1-Aug-2001, 16:18
Hi Martin,

I've been using Forte 200 for a couple years now with PMK and have been very happy. There's a lot of lore about 200 that its the old Super XX emulsion on a different base. In either case it has a very straight curve and works very well with the zone system. Its grainy than some modern films and I would look to you use either a solvent developer or a masking developer like Pyro.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Kemner
1-Aug-2001, 23:27
Yikes! Sorry about that grammar. I wanted to add that there was a View Camera article a couple years ago by Gordon Hutchings reviewed Fortepan and Bergger films. It is worth checking out.