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18-Jun-2001, 13:16
Thinking about a 210mm lens for 8x10. Of course, the Claron G new at ~ $400 fro m Robert White (and I think Badger is matching) seems to be the best/most afford able choice for mostly BW contacts with an ocasional chrome for fun. However, s hould I be considering others? What's available in the 400-600 price point (use d)? Getting a 5.6 lens would be nice, it would be a great portrait lens on 6x9. Any thoughts

thanks as always,

dave bulmer
18-Jun-2001, 14:06
Does the 210 g claron cover 8x10?. My catalogue says up to 5x7

Brian Ellis
18-Jun-2001, 18:12
Yes, the 210 G Claron covers 8x10 edge to edge at F 22 and coverage continues to increase as you stop down beyond that. I use it as a moderate wide angle with my 8x10 and have been very pleased with it. As you get down into the F 45 and F 64 range there's actually quite a lot of room for movements.

Alan Barton
18-Jun-2001, 20:32
I have used the SCH 210 APO-SYMMAR 5.6 on my 8x10. At F32 you can even use about one cm of movements! Its great to have the extra light.


19-Jun-2001, 00:20
I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that a 210 Apo-Gerogon will also cover 8x10. They wont screw right into a shutter like the Clarons but they can be found in barrel for $100 or less. They probably perform as well as the G-Claron

adam friedberg
19-Jun-2001, 12:33
i use a rod. apo sironar w and it works very well for 8x10. while it is a little beyond your price range, the earlier version of this lens was only labeled apo sironar (no "w", no "n"). if you look you may find one of these being sold quite cheaply. otherwise the sch. 210 angulon can be found for a reasonable price and has a great amount of coverage.

20-Jun-2001, 15:49

There are a few 210s will cover 8x10 nicely. Search for:

1. 8.25 inch (209.55 mm) F6.8 Goerz Dagor, Gold Dot Dagor, and Golden dagor. They are ex. for BW. 2. 8" (203.2 mm) Taylor Hobson Cooke Wide Angle Anastigmat, Series VIIB f:6.5 3. Schneider Angulon 210/6.8 in Compur or Compound. 4. Schneider W.A. G-Claron 210/6.3

If you want to go a bit wider: 5. Carl Zeiss Jena Dagor 180/6.8 (or 8?) 6. C.P. Goerz W.A Gold Dot Dagor 165/8 7. Rodenstock W.A. Perigon 130/12 in Copol 0 shutter

All those lenses are light and small (fit in Copal 1 shutter), and great for backpack ourdoor photography. Cheers,