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Alois Lazecky
18-Jun-2001, 12:03
Hi !

I would like to know what is the distance between the flange and the film for th e 121 / 8.0 Super Angulon when focused at 18 feet. Reason for this question ? I' m building Super wide 8x10 camera and I need to know the starting point for plac ement of my lens board. I will do fine tuning with shims. Thanks.

Ruud Knulst
18-Jun-2001, 15:41
http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/vintage/largeformat/super- angulon/8-121mm.html

Ruud Knulst
18-Jun-2001, 16:16
Sorry, I overlooked 18 feet. Focal length is 121.6 mm and flange focal distance is 132 mm @ infinity. If 18 feet is 5486 mm then the focal point is at 124.36 mm. So the flange focal distance @ 5486 mm is 124.36 * 132 / 121.6 = 134,99 mm.

Kind regards.

Alois Lazecky
18-Jun-2001, 16:51
Thank you Ruud !

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