View Full Version : 8x20" color negative film

18-Jan-2009, 15:52
Hello from austria and here my first question.
Would like to move up to 8x20" and my interest is doing color photography, but color film for larger than 8x10" seems to be impossible to get.

Does anyone use color here, larger than 8x10"?
So what can I do to get 8x20" material.

Want to make portraits with color negative and
develope C41 myself with Fuji or Agfa chemestry.

regards Prack

Oren Grad
18-Jan-2009, 19:01
You can get 8x20 color negative film from Kodak, but it requires a special order with a very large minimum - probably more than $10,000 at this point. The late William Corey (http://www.williamcorey.com/) used to shoot 8x20 color negative.