View Full Version : Toyo 45G missing piece of back?

17-Jan-2009, 21:13
I picked up (some) of a Toyo 45G on e-bay (of course) which arrived last week. I'm a bit confused though with regard to the back. I think some of it is missing.

There was no ground glass with mine and while I can find cheap (crap?) ones on e-bay I'm not entirely sure how it would even attach. Mine is the 360 degree revolving back.

This is a photo taken by the seller: http://i22.ebayimg.com/06/i/001/1d/93/1b16_3.JPG

Here is one from a different one for comparison: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v285/atcace/=CAMERAS/=KODAK/Shot_03_124.jpg

The manual shows the 'focussing frame release' (wording from the manual) but it doesn't appear on mine (reasonably clear when the two images above are compared).

Am I missing a crucial piece? Having reviewed 'Using the View Camera' it seems most likely, as if I could attach a film holder, I'd still need the ground glass removed (as it'd be on the wrong side of the holder (i.e. between the film and the lens).

If I am missing a piece, do you know what it is called and if I'm likely to be able to get it? I've been searching for information today but to no avail. I've only seen full revolving back 'kits' (which ambiguous pictures showing only the back of the piece I have) which cost far more than the camera. :(

Gem Singer
17-Jan-2009, 21:53
Looks like the camera is missing the entire ground glass frame, as well as the ground glass, itself.

Look for a junker Toyo/Omega D,E,F, or G model. They all use the same type of ground glass frame. It's readily removable and easily attachable without tools. Purchasing a new replacement part (if still available) would probably cost more than the price of the entire camera.

Ralph Barker
18-Jan-2009, 10:54
The Toyo revolving backs are made in what might be called two "layers". The base layer attaches to the camera back and has the Graflok bars, and the top layer has the ground glass and film holder section. The first (seller's) image has only the base, Graflok layer.

You might watch KEH listings, or check with MPEX for a spare Toyo back standard. I bought one from KEH a while back for around $80, as I recall.

18-Jan-2009, 17:06
I have a 45gII that has the same back, those 2 long lever looking things on the back, (one above the GG and one below) are actually like buttons, you push both of those while sliding the back off. I have to do that everytime i use my film back, very easy to take off and put on.