View Full Version : Mamiya back on Arca?

Anthony Harrison
18-Jun-2001, 05:11
Before I get an Arca, so highly recommended by many, can anyone relate their exp eriences of using the Arca rear-standard converter 5x4 to 6x9 and/or the Mamiya RZ filmback adaptor? I need to decide whether to fit International RF backs to a n F-line 5x4, or use the format converter and my Mamiya backs.

21-Jun-2001, 06:26
i don't know about film back on arca just an information about arca, they actually move to france, and they have very good price ! Arca-Swiss International SARL 29, quartier de l'europe espace valentin FR-25048 Besancon 00 33 381 85 40 60 fax 00 33 381 85 40 69 email: arca-swiss@swissonline.ch

no web site as far as i know