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17-Jan-2009, 12:45
For those who are expecting their Chamonix 4x5's, I just received mine today. Happy happy Joy joy!!!


17-Jan-2009, 15:07
I've received mine too.
Great camera, perfect delivery.

Many thanks Hugo.

Richard K.
17-Jan-2009, 21:00
And yesterday I got my reversible 14x17 with 2 holders! EXQUISITE!!! :D
Can hardly wait to try it out (and the 35" RDA I've been saving for it!). BUT...

Even though the camera is delightful;
The weather outside is frightful
And I've got no place to go
This does blow, this does blow, this does blow! :rolleyes:

17-Jan-2009, 21:05
this thread is worhthless without pictures!! show us your Chammies :)

Richard K.
17-Jan-2009, 21:12
this thread is worhthless without pictures!! show us your Chammies :)

Point taken; you're absolutely right. I'll do so by Sunday evening when I'm back home! :D

Alan L
18-Jan-2009, 09:29
Way to go Richard!!!!!!!!
I know how you feel about our deep freeze. Will see you soon....

frank hoerauf
20-Jan-2009, 04:12
I am jealous , I just ordered my 4x5 Chamonix, I saw Eddies and had to have one.Hugo said it will be in the next batch mid Feb.............

20-Jan-2009, 10:09
Check that the levels on the rear standard match up. On mine, they don't. It's impossible to get the one on the left and right to match. Not even close. I don't see an easy way of adjusting them either. I also had the rear horizontal level dry up already. I quickly received a replacement but they're glued in and not easy to pop out.