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17-Jan-2009, 06:18

I am fan of HP5+ developed in XTOL 1:1 and XTOL 1:2.

However, now I have standardized most of my 4x5 development by using Paterson Orbital daylight processor. In my case the problem is that practically maximum amount for developer is 200ml. More than that will spill out.

With XTOL 1:1 there would be enough developer for 4 sheets (100ml), but the development times will go really short. Recommended starting points are somewherer near 4 to 5 minutes.

What could I use instead of XTOL? There are couple of practical choices. Practical, because I use these developers with other films (and roll films):

Pyrocat-HD 1:1:100 or 2:2:100 or 3:2:100 would do the job. But I am not sure if Pyrocat-HD shares DiXactol's bit greenish stain problem? Both are cathechol based developers so I guess that color of stain is very similar.
Rodinal Old, simple and easy. But I have never tried with HP5+. I guess that 1:50 would be good?
DiXactol Ultra I like this one with 120 and 135 films. But I have no idea how it works with constant agitation. I could ofcourse do partial stand, but I like the easyness of motorized agitation. There is small problem with HP5+ though. The stain color is bit greenish, and thus not the best.

All suggestions, experiments and opinions are really welcome :)

Joe Forks
17-Jan-2009, 07:19
I am not sure if Pyrocat-HD shares DiXactol's bit greenish stain problem?

All suggestions, experiments and opinions are really welcome :)

It's more of a brown stain. Here's a nice document by Sandy King with info pyro HD

Pete Watkins
17-Jan-2009, 08:33
Hi Jukka,
I can't advise about the developer information but I use a Patterson Orbital and I use 300 ml of chemicals without any spillage. 300 ml also ensures that all four 4x5 negatives are covered with chemicals at all times during the processing.

John Jarosz
17-Jan-2009, 11:52
Thanks for publishing that link to Sandy's article. it's just what I need to read right now.


17-Jan-2009, 17:52
In addition to trying 300ml as suggested, you might also try reducing the amount of Xtol. Kodak's suggestion of 100ml/8x10 may be very liberal. You might try 75ml with 4 sheets. Or even 50ml with 4 sheets. Hopefully someone has actually tried this and can tell us what really works.

I develop HP5+ in Xtol 1:3 and I am very pleased. I plan to try Rodinal 1:100.

I develop in Jobo tanks with constant agitation.

Peter De Smidt
17-Jan-2009, 18:43
My experience is that 50ml or more Xtol stock per 80 sq" works fine in a Jobo.

17-Jan-2009, 19:04
Thanks Peter. I will try that. Not that I want to cut back on Xtol, it's cheap enough. I was curious in case I needed a smaller volume of developer.

18-Jan-2009, 16:28
Thank you!

I will test 300ml again. I tested 300ml only by using water and without the lid. Perhaps the lid will keep liquid from spilling. Without it there were noticeable 'wave' and water spilled out from every corner (with motor base).

Less than 100ml of XTOL. Gonna test that! If 300ml will work, then I can use 1:3 with 75ml. Or 200-250ml with 50-62ml.

The pyrocat link is good. Nice to know that it does not give greenish tan+stain for hp5+ like Dixactol does. Perhaps I will test hp5+ with pyrocat-HD :)