View Full Version : Schnieder Super Angulon equivilents?

15-Jan-2009, 18:28
I am looking for my dream lens, a Schnieder Super Angulon 210 f8. Yeah me and everyone else who is familar with it. What I want to know is if there is another lens out there that comes close to being equivilent in sharpness, edge to edge and center, + field of view. I gravitate to deliberate distortion to get the stretched out sweeping towards you type of image. The SSA-210 is still pretty pricey if you can even find the darn thing. Any help would be appreciated.

I also don't need the modern coatings because I'm working in alternative processes and the softer contrast of the older lenses is desirable.

Oren Grad
15-Jan-2009, 21:12
Well, there's always Rodenstock's counterpart, the 200mm f/6.8 Grandagon. But if anything, that's even more scarce than the 210 SA on the used market, and every bit as expensive.

I'll leave it to others more knowledgeable about older possibilities to suggest those.

Ole Tjugen
15-Jan-2009, 23:27
My "equivalent" is a 210mm f:6.8 Angulon.

The weight is a fraction of that of the Super version, the coverage is less but my pre-WWII can still be stretched to cover 12x16" at very small stops (24x30cm at f:11), and it has plenty of coverage for movements on 8x10".

16-Jan-2009, 13:39
That's a thought. I already have a Rodenstock 210mm for my 4x5 but that clearly doesn't provide coverage for a wide-angle on 8x10, which is how I intend to use it.

Ole Tjugen
16-Jan-2009, 14:10
Here' a picture shot with a 210mm Angulon on 8x10". I used the absolute maximum possible rise on my Gandolfi Traditional, so that the center line of the lens was actually slightly above the edge of the image area. You can see there's some blur in the top of the mountain, but considering the extreme rise used it's actually better than I expected. I can't remember the aperture setting, but sinc it was a grey dark day I think I may have used f:22 or f:32. Stopping down to f:64 would have improved the sharpness a bit.


AJ Edmondson
17-Jan-2009, 12:01
I'll go along with Ole on the 210 Angulon... I have both a 210 and a 165 and when I have to shoot wide angle I turn to them. I learned the hard way that the Super Angulons were not my "ideal" lenses! Not long after Schneider introduced the 165 Super Angulon I got one and hated it in the field! Fortunately I found a studio photographer who needed one and I reverted to my 165 Angulon. The "Supers" are great lenses - just not my choices because of their size and weight.

17-Jan-2009, 20:41
Seems the 210 angulon is the way to go. Thanks!