View Full Version : Shipping Type 55 film--too cold now?

15-Jan-2009, 07:00
I'm getting ready to ship some Type 55 film to a forum member in the Boston area, but I'm very concerned about the sub-zero weather in the Northeast. I've carefully stored the film under consistent refrigerated conditions since it was purchased, but I'm concerned that the developing pods will freeze solid sitting overnight in a shipping truck. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've always read that Type 55 film shouldn't be frozen and I'm thinking it may be better to wait until next week when things will be (a little) warmer.

Alan Davenport
15-Jan-2009, 08:54
I think you're right to be concerned about this. While the chemicals won't freeze at "normal" cold temperatures, things are anything but normal right now. You might see if your shipper will guarantee that your package will be kept warm enough, or if available insurance would cover that type of loss.

16-Jan-2009, 13:01
Another idea is to ship it inside of an insulated package. Drop by your local pet shop that sells tropical fish and see if they will give/sell you a "styro". This is a heavy cardboard box that has a thick styrofoam liner inside.

Another option that works well (and is pretty cheap) is to pickup a cheap styrofoam beer cooler. They will fit pretty much exactly inside of the french fry boxes you can get for free from McDonalds or Wendy's

I used to breed tropical fish as a hobby and have shipped many of them via UPS packed this way even in the coldest weather

16-Jan-2009, 15:28
Thanks for the suggestions. I'd bet that tropical fish are a lot more sensitive than Type 55, so the foam is a good idea. The buyer agreed to wait a few days until the extreme weather subsides a bit.

16-Jan-2009, 18:43
I just passed up a purchase for the same reasons. I'd rather not risk it.

Gene McCluney
17-Jan-2009, 12:19
I wonder how Polaroid used to, and Fuji still ships Instant films to the distributors and stores? I can guarantee you they do not use heated trailers, but rather they ship by common carrier. I wonder if Polaroid had many returns due to freezing issues?