View Full Version : What brand of 4x5 cases work for you?

Tom Brewer
15-Oct-1998, 17:10
I'm looking for a case for a Sinar F. It must hold film holders, lenses, Polaroi d back, bellows, etc. Also, I'm looking for relatively light weight and sturdine ss. Is there such an animal? Thanks, Tom

tim atherton
15-Oct-1998, 20:21
I have looked at the one in the Lightware catalogue. Looks quite good, light weight, strong, but expensive!

It is designed to take something like the F1 hanging upside down from its rail, with space for accessories etc.

I don't kow if they have a website

Tim A

tim atherton
15-Oct-1998, 20:24
Actaully, there is a picture/details on the B&H site under bags and cases

Ellis Vener
15-Oct-1998, 23:33
Lightware. There are I believe two or three different models specifically for LF cameras. In this case (no pun intended) you'll get what you pay for.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
11-Dec-1998, 02:23
A marvelous case is the Pelikan, it's cost is less than its carry- can. They're suppossed to be air & dust & water tight and are used on expeditions to the arctic and by rescue crews. They're light and cheaper than the Lightware cases. Check 'em out in the B&H Tome of Photo knowledge, or the Calumet catalog, etc... I am using a fiber case for my 8 X 10, but when I replace it, I imagine that aquatic bird will be taking up residence with me. One model even has a button for equalizing the air pressure as you ascend or descend!

mike rosenlof
11-Dec-1998, 13:50
I have a small Pelican case for a medium format camera, flash and a couple of other goodies. It really is airtight. You need that pressure equalization valve. The first time I carried it from Colorado (where I live) to Seattle, I couldn't open the case until I let some air in first!

I'm less happy with the partially cut up foam cubes. They give a lot of flexibility in configuring the inside of the case, but if your fit is at all tight, the foam cubes will start coming apart in a couple of years. Go for the rigid dividers.

mike rosenlof
11-Dec-1998, 13:57
Actually, What I've got is the Tundra Sea King. Pretty similar design to the Pellican.

Be aware that airlines are starting to clamp down on carry on bags. 9x14x(twenty-something) inches. At some airports they're puting limiters on the X-ray machines. 9x14 inches at Denver.

Few 4x5 monorails are going to make these limits.