View Full Version : Bergger 200 + Xtol?

tim atherton
16-Jun-2001, 13:42
Has anyone tried Bergger 200 in Xtol?

Any suggestions for a starting point for time, dilution etc.?

Also for rotary tube processing?

Jeff Buckels
16-Jun-2001, 13:47
I'm interested in the same question and as applied to tray development. Thank you. -jeff buckels (albuq nm)

Kevin Kemner
18-Jun-2001, 12:27

On a few occasions I've developed Bergger 200 in Xtol. My recommendation is to start with Xtol (diluted 1:2) for 15 minutes at 68 degrees with an E.I. of 200. Normally I use Bergger in PMK. With Xtol the film has a more pronounced grain. It is not displeasing and enlarges well up to 20x24 (from 4x5). These times are for HP Combiplan Tank.