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14-Jan-2009, 07:09
I have a lensboard that has the number 105822 on the back. It is 4X4 inches, 101X101mm square. It came to me in a lot of gear that was all graflex and Burke & James. That does not necessariy mean it belongs to either brand, but it is likely that it does. Or perhaps it is some kind of calumet copy type board. I have no idea and am hoping that someone here recognizes the catalog number.


14-Jan-2009, 07:20
Something like this?:

What hole size?

14-Jan-2009, 13:53
Yes, I saw that when I googled. But it doesn't help much as I want to know what camera or cameras that board will fit. I actually contacted that seller and they had no idea. Which was bizarre. I can't imagine selling something when you don't know exactly what it is.

Hole size is not important as I am seeking to know what camera it will fit.

Mark Sampson
14-Jan-2009, 13:59
That's a Calumet board for their CC-400 series cameras. Early ones were silver, later ones are black. Probably fits many other cameras with a 4" square board as well.

14-Jan-2009, 20:10

Thank you very much. I have never heard of lensboards being compatible across multiple brands of camera.

Glenn Thoreson
15-Jan-2009, 12:42
If my memory is working today, the Calumet board will fit the Graphic and B&J press cameras. I don't need memory to tell you that the Graphic and B&J press camera boards will not fit the Calumet. It's the light trap that makes the diference. Even though you can put the Calumet board on your press camera, the light trap isn't right and may leak. I never had a problem, though.

Jim Jones
17-Jan-2009, 08:41
More information is at http://photo.net/large-format-photography-forum/00RLSw