View Full Version : Horseman Zoom Optical Finder Size?

13-Jan-2009, 20:20
Does anybody know how big physically the Horseman zoom optical viewfinder is? I'm interested in this finder but I have never seen one in person. Is it smaller then the Linhof finder?
thank you!

Oren Grad
13-Jan-2009, 21:39
The photos in this current eBay listing may give you at least a rough idea:


Warren Clark
14-Jan-2009, 19:42
Hi rk,

I measured my Horseman zoom finder:

barrel dia. approx 50 mm
length 58 mm not including rubber eye cup
overall width including knob 70mm

I also have the 6x9 mask and a slip on handgrip for off
camera use. Very useful for scene previewing.

Good shooting,

Warren Clark