View Full Version : Q. about Schneider 210/370

Bill Haley
15-Jun-2001, 10:59
Hi, I am going to pick up a Schneider 210/370 and was curious if this lens has filte r threads, and if so, what size? I didnt find info on the converts on Scheiders site.


Kevin Crisp
15-Jun-2001, 12:01
I've gone one with a serial number in the 11's. working my way down through all the step up rings I've got on it, it looks like the basic thread is 58mm.

Bruce Pollock
16-Jun-2001, 01:06
Ditto to the previous post. I have a Symmar 210/370 (not the later Symmar-S) and it has a 58mm filter thread. Serial number also in the 11 xxx xxx range.

James Conrad
16-Jun-2001, 01:30
Thank you very much, you saved me some guess work!!