View Full Version : close focus fuji 125/5.6 CMW ?

13-Jan-2009, 15:23
does anyone know the close focus for the fuji 125/5.6 CMW ?


Bruce Watson
13-Jan-2009, 15:45
does anyone know the close focus for the fuji 125/5.6 CMW ?

On a view camera how close you can focus is more or less limited only by how much bellows you have. A 125mm lens can do 1:1 (size of subject on film is same size as subject in real life) with 250mm of bellows draw for example.

Dan Fromm
13-Jan-2009, 16:56
Front node-to-subject distance equal to focal length is the close focusing limit for all lenses. None can focus closer. For most of the lenses used on view cameras, the front node is very close to and a little in front of the diaphragm. But you wouldn't want to use a lens that way, you can't possibly get enough bellow draw.

Matus Kalisky
15-Jan-2009, 06:53
Did you want to ask whether it is possible to do close focusing with that lens (you got the answers necessary already) or you actually wanted to know how does the lens performs when used for close-ups ?

Actually I do use the Fujinon CMW 125/5.6 (my favorite lens) but have done only a few 1:1 photos so I can not really comment on the image quality side. But a basic rule one should not forget, is that at 1:1 (lifesize) reproduction ratio your efective aperture is 2 full stops smaller than the one you set on the lens (like: you set f/22, but the true apertuer is f/45) so you easily get soft images because of the difraction (true for apertures of about f/45 and smaller).

If I get around doing some "product" shots or close ups I would probably use the Fujinon as my next lens is 210mm which does not allow to focuse close enough with my Tachi (which is a bit pain to use for macro as it does not have the rear focusing).

16-Jan-2009, 02:23
cool, thanks
that's all i needed to know!