View Full Version : Film Holder Light Leak?

12-Jan-2009, 10:04
I'm guessing that the light line at the top of the image is a light leak from the film holder...perhaps the tape?
Does that sound right? What tape would one use to repair this sort of thing?


12-Jan-2009, 10:14
Should not be the tape -- as it really serves no light-blocking duty, as I understand it. It just holds things together and it is the light traps on the hinge and body that do the work. I would investigate possible reflections in the interior of the camera or a poorly seated film holder in the camera (with the former being the greater possibility.


PS...check for shiny surfaces in the camera -- even black glossy surfaces. They'll need to be painted flat black. Another thing that helps in a lens shade that restricts the amount of extra light going thru the lens (especially true for lenses that have much larger image circle than the film size.)

Mark Woods
12-Jan-2009, 10:34
I have had similar problems and the leak was in the bellows. If it were the film holder the edge of the film would be fogged and it doesn't appear to be.