View Full Version : How do you load 665 pack film into Arca Polaroid holder

Sandy Sorlien
15-Jun-2001, 16:09
Hi, Oh I just love getting new equipment without any instructions. Good thing y'all are here. I'm trying to load 665 pack P/N film into my new Arca Polaroid back. I t looks like the paper dark slide is supposed to go between the rollers, is that right? But I can't make it go there when the pack is in the holder. Then there is also a plastic dark slide that came with the back that fits in the other side of the back, but doesn't go in all the way. Do I use both dark slides? I've never used 665, only Type 55 P/N which looks entirely different and has dir ections on it! I need to be led through this step by step, including separating the pos and neg . Thanks.

15-Jun-2001, 16:30
Just pull the little white paper that sticks out. The larger tab, which you pull to develop, will automatically come out between the rollers.

Sandy Sorlien
15-Jun-2001, 16:52
I'm sorry Bill, I just don't see how that works. There are 10 white tabs that all seem to be connected. And if I place the film pack in the holder, the black paper sticks out farther than the white tabs and is in the way. When I close the entire holder, the black paper folds up and out of the back, but it is not going between the rollers. These white papers are numbered 1-10 and it looks like #10 will be exposed first, is that right? Thanks, Confused.

15-Jun-2001, 18:16
First you drop the film pack into the holder. With the holder back closed and the darkslide in place you pull the big black tab out of the back, which will pull the first film into position to be exposed (as soon as you take out the darkslide), and at the same time will pull the first of the little white papers where you can get to it with your fingers. Now, put the Polaroid holder into your camera, pull out the darkslide, expose the picture, and reinsert the darkslide. Next, you pull the white tab all the way out (there will only be one sticking out), which brings the first black film tab up through the rollers. Pull that large black film tab quickly and evenly and the entire Polaroid film/print is ready to be peeled apart after waiting 30 seconds (or whatever time your particular film calls for). Feel free to email me directly if you need more assistance (I well know your frustration.) It seems complicated, but it's really simple after you do it once. Regards, Bill

Sandy Sorlien
15-Jun-2001, 21:25
Ah! That worked. Thanks so much. I think I would have wasted 5 sheets figuring it out by trial-and-error. Only snafu was a milky mark across the negative, looks like the white paper tab must have touched it at some point. I just had time to make the one shot before it got dark. It's cool to have an extra-large negative, substantially bigger than 6x9, on the 6x9 camera. Thanks again, Bill.

Peter Shier
16-Jun-2001, 12:03
Is there a back that allows using Polaroid pack film on a 4x5 Arca?

Larry Huppert
16-Jun-2001, 23:10
For pack film on the Arca, try the Arca Swiss model 623000 Polaroid back. If I remember, the standard non-Arca 405 Polaroid back interferes with the camera when placed in landscape orientation, but works for verticals.

Sandy Sorlien
16-Jun-2001, 23:48
The 621001 for the 6x9 can only be used in the landscape position. You'd have to turn the camera sideways on the tripod for verticals.

Peter Shier
17-Jun-2001, 00:21
Can anyone confirm that the Polaroid 405 holder only works for verticals on the Arca 4x5?

Thanks, Peter Shier

Larry Huppert
17-Jun-2001, 20:22

I guess memory didn't serve me on my previous description. The 405 holder *almost* fits in landscape direction (only misses by a very small amount), and doesn't fit at all (and isn't close) in the portrait direction. I have no idea what limitations the Arca version might have, if any. Best to contact Arca or a dealer directly on this one.

FWIW - It fits in both directions on a Canham DLC.

Larry Huppert
17-Jun-2001, 21:53

One more note - I tested this on a F-Metric. Don't know if the same applies to the F.

Bill Jefferson
18-Jun-2001, 07:35
Hi Sandy,

Please call 1-800-343-5000 Polaroid Customer Care Center, they can help you out with all the info on T-665


Kevin R. Townsend
23-Jul-2002, 02:26
for posterity sake, you can get a manual on pack film, including basic illustrated loading instructions here:

http://www.polaroid.com/service/userguides/photographic/packfilms_guid e.pdf