View Full Version : Lens and shutter cleaning/maintenance in Europe?

11-Jan-2009, 02:38

I wonder if you all know anyone in this side of the Atlantic (Europe, Scandinavia) who is know to offer services to clean lenses and service shutters etc.

Thanks for any tips.

Aender Brepsom
11-Jan-2009, 02:50
If you have Rodenstock lenses, you might try Linos in Munich (Germany).

Bjorn Nilsson
11-Jan-2009, 02:58
Try looking up LPFoto.se and talk to Walter. Nice and swift service. (It's at Gata: Regerings. :) just across the street from the jazzclub Nalen.)
A general tip: See to that you bring all of the stuff you want to have serviced at one time, as the price will be much better.