View Full Version : Schneider 360 f6.8 Symmar S front element loose

9-Jan-2009, 16:14

I have just bought a Schneider 360 f6.8 Symmar S on a compur 3 shutter
Its very clean and gives very nice sharp images
the only thing is that the front element can move about 1mm
if I point the lens down I can push it up
Is this normal ?
can I just screw in the front ring to tighten it up
its not loose but that looks like what one might do



erie patsellis
9-Jan-2009, 17:43
Pretty much what needs to be done, though I would wonder if the person who you bought it from knew that the ring was loose as well.

Frank Petronio
9-Jan-2009, 20:55
The front retaining ring can simply become loose over time. If you look very closely there probably are two tiny slots or notches on opposite sides of the ring. There are tools that can engage these slots to provide the screw-twisting you need. Or you can very carefully do it yourself using a small-tipped blade or knife , alternating sides, and only tightening it "snug" not "tight". If you're really shaky send it off, but if you're reasonably calm and level-headed you can do it safely.

8x10 user
10-Jan-2009, 14:40
I would get a spanner wrench just be safe. It is a good thing to have when you need one.

Steve M Hostetter
10-Jan-2009, 15:02
If when you tip the lens and you can hear glass clanging together you could have lens seperation
I've had this happen in a 480mm 8.4 Schneider