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Joseph O'Neil
9-Jan-2009, 06:17
Now that I have two, fine packard shutters for my 8x10 and my process lenses, I've been thinking about different ways to mount the lenses and shutters.

Are there any examples/instructions, etc, for the do-it-yourselfer like myself out ther eon web pages? I'd like to see how others did this before me before I start any drilling, cutting, and general mess making.


Michael Roberts
9-Jan-2009, 07:10
Hi Joe,
I've used a wood frame on back of the lens board--just cut and glue four pieces of 1/2 x 1/2 craft wood to the back of the board and mount the Packard on top of the frame. Drill a hole in one corner of the board for the air tube to run through.

Ash has a design and pic on his website of a front mounted box that he designed and fabricated. Find one of his posts; there's a link.

Michael Roberts
9-Jan-2009, 07:12
BTW, your frame may need to be more than 1/2 high--depends on how far back your lens extends behind the board.

Gene McCluney
9-Jan-2009, 08:31
If your lens extends back behind the lensboard, it is often required that you either make an extension on the back or front of the lensboard so the shutter will clear the lens. I prefer to make an extension on the outside (front) of the lensboard. I just glue and screw a piece of high-quality wood to the front, then I drill a hole for the lens and lens flange thru the stack. I prefer to mount the Packard shutter flush with the back of the lensboard.

9-Jan-2009, 08:40
Here's a few links I've found helpful.



Paul Ewins
9-Jan-2009, 15:54
I use mine on my old Kodak 1B which takes 9" lensboards. I make the lensboards out of MDF, so whenever I get a new lens which won't fit on a Cambo board (the next size down) I just make a new lensboard. As Michael suggests above, four pieces of craftwood is enough to keep the shutter located. The shutter is held in place by clips so I can move it to another board. Just think of it like mounting a lensboard on the back of another lensboard. This means that when a lens has a protruding real element I can just make the back of the board a little thicker and still have the shutter in the right place.

My Packards have flash synch and I use 1/8" mono audio plugs and sockets to get the electrical connection to the front of the board, i.e. plug on shutter connects to socket on back of board which is wired to another socket on the front of the board. A 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor then allows my strobes to plug straight in.

Len Middleton
9-Jan-2009, 22:49

It was good meeting you and your son at Rob's back in November.

I also have been looking at the situation of developing a system for my three process lenses in barrels (420 Apo-Nikkor, 480 Apo-Ronar, & 600 Apo-Ronar).

If the number of Packard shutters match the number of lenses you have then Michael's suggustion makes a great deal of sense.

If like me however the number of shutters is less than the number of lenses or you do not want to manage and maintain a number of shutters, then you might want to look at alternate solutions.

In my case, I am looking at building a shutter box to mount on betweeen the front standard and the lensboard the lens is mounted on. The shutter box will mount on the fornt standard like a lensboard and have on the front a mounting system for the lesnboard. These systems were built in the past and for Deardorff a standard offering by the company. PM me if you want to see some images of a Deardorff shutter box (not mine).

The one issue I do see with a shutter box is that it moves the lens node further away in front of the front standard tilt axis much like a telephoto lens design. That may require some front rise if you use front tilt for near - far focus adjustment, depending upon how far the lens is moved.

Hope that is helpful,

Jim Galli
9-Jan-2009, 22:54
Here's (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/Article_About_Packard_Shutters.html) a page with a bunch of general info about the shutters and pics of how mine is installed inside my 2D 8X10.

Joseph O'Neil
10-Jan-2009, 06:16
Hi everyone;

thanks much for the help, I think you've pointed me in the right direction. The "new" (for me anyhow :) ), used packard shutter I just bought off the buy sell here arrived and is in great shape. It is larger than the lens board for my mighty "hernia maker" C1 8x10 monster. :)

But like others, I have three really nice process lenses, ranging from 305mm to 600mm, and I want to make up a shutter box so that I can bolt on the lens board to the front of the shutter box.

I think my solution is this. Right now, my three process lenses are bolted and/or mounted to lensboards. BTW, I went to a local plastics shop, and I had them cut up black acrylic lens boards for me. Without drilling any holes, and buying ten boards at once, I think the board worked out to about $5.00 each with taxes, so who's to complain? :)

I am thinking that if I build a lens box, mount or bolt it to a lens board so that the whole assembly can be removed when I want (I do have two g-clarons in shutters I want ot occasionally use to), then on the front of the lens box, I could have some sort of clip or holder in place, not unlike the front of the camera itself, that i could then swap out my process lenses.

One of the packard shutters I have now is very large - I have to measure to be sure, but at least a 5" wide hole, so I should not have issues with vignetting.

Nice winter time project, assuming I can get some time over the year end books sitting in front of me waiting to be done. :(

thanks much, and if any of you have more ideas, keep them comming

10-Jan-2009, 08:14
Joe and all,
Here is a thread and picture of a packard box I got at a camera show. I like the way I can use all my lenses that were already on boards, which I think is what you are saying.



Joseph O'Neil
11-Jan-2009, 07:16
Joe and all,
Here is a thread and picture of a packard box I got at a camera show. I like the way I can use all my lenses that were already on boards, which I think is what you are saying.



Exactly! I missed that thread when i was doing a search a little while ago. Many thanks