View Full Version : Chromega "C" Series

chris jordan
15-Jun-2001, 12:23
Is anyone familiar with possible merits/disadvantages of the Chromega "C" series color head? If the filtration works less than well, can contrast filters be pla ced "above" the negative instead? Thanks folks, in advance, for your responses.


Chad Jarvis
15-Jun-2001, 22:12
I own a Chromega C760 head. The filtration works great for me.

15-Jun-2001, 22:32

I bought a Super Chromega C decades ago. It has always worked well and, indeed, still does. Filtration has always been fine. I'm sure that there are more automated systems on the market today; but, hey, I also like my M3 from 1957. Some of us will never make the present, let alone, the future. :)