View Full Version : Copal 1 shutter problem

Henry Carter
8-Jan-2009, 06:53
I recently purchased a Rodenstock lens with a new Copal 1 shutter mounted on a lens board.

When cocking/winding the shutter, the winding lever must be pressed down hard to ensure that it cocks, otherwise it fails to catch and misfires. This occurs about 25% of the time.

Would this be easily adjustable by a shutter repair facility, or should I consider the shutter defective and return the lens for shutter replacement?

Thank-you for your responses.

Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2009, 07:03
Is this a new lens purchased from an authorized dealer? If so send it back. If it is one of our lenses (HP sticker on box and HP warranty card in box) we would replace it. If it is not a new lens a service center can easily fix it.

Henry Carter
10-Jan-2009, 08:43
Thank-you, I have taken it to a local Copal repair facility.