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7-Jan-2009, 14:16
Am in the process of reading this document:

Wondering if folks here have done this, and what comments might you all have.

Will be developing my first 4x5's tonight. Prior experince is only with 35mm.
Am planning on using the suggestions given to me by Gem Singer, along with the tanks have gave me!

Also do you guys use a safelight, or total darkness. my safelight is a yellow one, kind of cheap. In the past, for making prints, I place it facing well away in our smallish sized bathroom, and even covered it some to reduce the light. I do have red and yellow gels I can sacrifice to it. My Safelight is a screw-on lens over a low wattage bulb, might be a patterson.

Kevin Crisp
7-Jan-2009, 14:41
The time seems almost two minutes too long to me for 320 sheet film developed in trays. Which is the only way I do it. I suggest you test before developing any negatives you care about. (Maybe 5.75 to 6 minutes at the outside at 68 degrees F in trays with gentle constant agitation.) How that would translate to tanks, I can't say.

7-Jan-2009, 14:47
I just finished developing F4+ in HC-110 with Dilution B (1+7), 68 degrees for 7½ minutes and they look great (Jobo tank). Experiment, experiment, experiment!!

Gem Singer
7-Jan-2009, 14:48

TOTAL DARKNESS at 70 degrees.

Check the Massive Development tables for times and dilutions.

Follow Anchell & Troop's recommendations in the book I lent you.

A proper safelight is okay for paper. However, it will fog your film.

Practice on a piece of throw-away film (with eyes closed) to get the feel for loading it into the film hanger.

7-Jan-2009, 14:50
thanks :) I kinda figured I would "be in the dark" .. in more ways than one!

7-Jan-2009, 15:22
HC-110 at 75 degrees F ?

I think that you should expect either very short development times or very, very contrasty negs. - especially if processing in a drum or tray with continuous agitation...

and, contray to what this fella says about processing at 75 degrees F, I don't see anything in either Kodak or Ilford (Agfa is long gone) literature to support his assertion that "all major film mfgrs recommend processing at 75 degrees". In fact, I see both Kodak and Ilford recommend 68 degrees F .

7-Jan-2009, 15:22
Brief illumination with a dim green safelight (Wratten #3) is the traditional way of viewing negatives for "inspection" development. Panchromatic materials will get fogged with a 'standard' safelight. Like suggested, TOTAL DARKNESS is the norm.