View Full Version : Shade/Hood Question

David Cerbone
7-Jan-2009, 13:27
I've started using my Fotoman 612 camera quite a bit. I now have four different lenses for it and I'm wondering what's best in terms of hoods/shades. I know that view camera folks usually use compendium-type shades, but even though I'm using view camera lenses, I don't know if that's the way to go. For one thing, the Fotoman is a rangefinder camera, and so adjusting the bellows to avoid vignetting would be tricky.

Are there rigid shades for different focal length view camera lenses out there that will do the job without risk of vignetting? What do other people use?

Here are the specifics in terms of the lenses I would need shades for:

Fujinon 65mm/5.6 SWD

Schneider SA 90mm/8

Fujinon W 125mm/5.6

Fujinon A 180mm/9

The 65mm and the 90mm use the same size filter. The 125mm and 180mm are pretty close (52mm and 49mm (I think)).