View Full Version : Identification of 8x10 Field Camera, Help!

James Conrad
27-Jul-2001, 13:09
Hi All,

I recently picked up an 8x10 field camera and have no idea of its maker. It is designed from cherry will all solid brass hardware except the springs on the bac k. The knobs are all brass, knurled and mostly a concave shape with another rou nded hex-head as a stopper. I have no idea how to make the pictures post in this, but I can email them to an yone who can help me ID the camera!

Thanks, JC

Jeff Buckels
27-Jul-2001, 16:14
James: Check out the Antique American Field Cameras website: www.fiberq.com/cam. It has pictures of the most common brands (except Deardorff, for which there is a good website, but what you have doesn't sound like a DD) and lots of interesting information. You may well be able to pick your camera out. -jeff buckels (albuquerque)