View Full Version : Schneider Symmar-S 120mm F5.6

james pogson
6-Jan-2009, 19:46
I'm after a 120mm lens for my 4x5 Wista Field camera. I've come across this lens on ebay but can't find much information on the lens. Is this a decent lens?



erie patsellis
6-Jan-2009, 21:06

7-Jan-2009, 08:23
Is this a decent lens?


Oren Grad
7-Jan-2009, 08:28
The Symmar-S lenses date from the '70s and '80s; from the style of the lettering and the shutter, the one you pointed to is from the more recent end of that range. They're all "decent lenses"; the main question of usability will probably be whether the fairly tight image circle relative to 4x5 will allow enough movements for your intended uses.

Kevin Crisp
7-Jan-2009, 08:30
Fine lens, the coverage is not huge but I have always found it adequate for landscape work. Maybe an inch of rise when stopped down, that is about it.

james pogson
7-Jan-2009, 15:04
Thank you for all your responses. It was a broad term to ask if this was a "decent" lens, I'll be sure to be more specific next time. I picked up both Schneider lenses the seller had on offer and look forward to using them.

Kind Regards,

7-Jan-2009, 23:02
Been using two of them for decades. The focal length fits perfectly with the long side of 4x5. Best choice for 4x5 (next best, 135mm).