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Randy Sweatt
19-Oct-1998, 22:19
Years ago when Zone VI was Zone VI, they sold a white naugahide camera bag for c arrying a 4X5 manorail camera and film holders, lenses, etc. Does anybody know of a source for such a product?

Ellis Vener
19-Oct-1998, 23:58

My recent impression from looking at one of the old Zone VI white shoulder bags is that was set up to carry a folding camera, not a monorail. Currently Tenba, F 64 and Tamrac all make really big, deep shoulder bags, Bags so big you can't (le gally) carry them on a commercial airliner. If you don't mind lugging a case tha n you should look at what Lightware and Tenba have to offer.

Peter Hughes
20-Oct-1998, 01:55
There's nothing that says a camera has to be carried in a camera bag. You can probably find a suitable backpack at a good outdoor/camping store. Maybe you could even improvise something, such as fastening a shoulder strap directly to the monorail?

Tony Brent
20-Oct-1998, 02:09
I pack my Calumet Cadet (16" monorail) into a briefcase. I slide the front and b ack off the rail and the camera squashes down to about 3" thick. The rail goes i n the bottom, and the camera gets wrapped in the dark cloth.

This trick also works in a cloth field case that I use.

20-Oct-1998, 07:29
This is what I've done with my Arca Swiss. The case that came with it was bulky and cumbersome: Go to an outdoor store and buy a panel loading technical backback (>3500 cu in) and stuff it with some closed cell mattress foam. Waterproof covers are also available at outdoor stores. This will make you feel far more comfortable and mobile than a shoulder case.

Bobbe Singer
20-Oct-1998, 09:05
Hi Randy and all,

Calumet carries the Zone VI Case for a 4x5. It is white made of the material like a soft sided cooler. I carry my Wisner TF 4x5, 10 film holders,lense w/board,spot meter,filters,loupe,changing bag and dark cloth in it. With some re-arranging I can fit the poloraid back and film inside. Calumet pitches it for a field camera.(pg 53 of their new cataloge) The insides are velcro so you might be able to re-arrange it for a Monorail. http://www.calumetphoto.com

Happy hunting, Bobbe ;^]

Lou Salerno
6-Jul-2007, 19:16

As I recall, Zone VI sold both types of cases. First they had a field camera case designed to carry folding (non- monorail) cameras like the Zone VI, Toyo, Wista, etc., then later they released a case with "slots" to accept an upside down monorial camera like a Sinar F, etc.

I haven't seen anything like that since. I'd say, just keep checking on eBay, and try not to get into a bidding war -- those really drain the wallet.

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

Lou Salerno

David A. Goldfarb
6-Jul-2007, 20:37
I hope Randy's found a case for his monorail some time in the nine years since he posted his question.

Ken Schroeder
7-Jul-2007, 03:57
One of the Zone VI monorail bags just sold on ebay for about $160. Pricey, but at least somewhat available.

Bob Gentile
7-Jul-2007, 13:56
I hope Randy's found a case for his monorail some time in the nine years since he posted his question.
My, how time flies!

29-Mar-2011, 10:59
That's very funny. I loved reading the history on this thread. Funny enough, my dad is looking for a camera bag right now. He lugs a lot of stuff, even to his little family portrait gigs. He's looking for something to protect his precious cargo. Yes, he treats his camera like a baby.

29-Mar-2011, 11:11
I had a great Tenba for my Calumet Monorail. It was stolen earlier this year. This is the one that I'm getting from my insurance company as a replacement. I hope it works: