View Full Version : What is your personal ISO speed for Fp4+?

14-Jun-2001, 03:25
So, what is your personal ISO speed for FP4+?

paul owen
14-Jun-2001, 05:02
Andy, I usually rate it at 80 ASA, but it also fairs very well as low as 50 ASA. I get good results using either Dixactol or FX39 as the developer. Regards Pa

Jim Galli
14-Jun-2001, 10:33
125 ABC+ Pyro

Dave Willison
14-Jun-2001, 10:53

Chris Johnson's book on the zone system provides a series of tables for different film/developer combinations. His tables show both 80 and 125 depending on the developer used:

Edwal FG-7: ISO 125 D-76 (1:1): ISO 125 Ilford ID11: ISO 80 HC 110: ISO 80 T-Max RS: ISO 80 Agfa Rodinal: ISO 125 Ilford Perceptol: ISO 80

FP4+ is not my regular film and I've never done any systematic testing with it. I usually use it indoors with photofloods and an old 5x7 Kodak 2D. Under these conditions, I tend to rate FP4+ at or around ISO 50. Most films are rated lower for tungsten and, frankly, 50 is easier to read on my Pentax spot meter! I normally develop in d-76.


Kevin Kemner
14-Jun-2001, 11:09
I rate it at 100 for both PMK and Xtol 1+3

Scott Walton
14-Jun-2001, 13:37
100 with Diafine