View Full Version : A Bee Bee lens?

31-Dec-2008, 08:51
Anyone hear of this one before? Feebay #220336426843

31-Dec-2008, 10:29
Heard of, but don't know anything about: Certo made a plate camera tradenamed "Bee Bee".

31-Dec-2008, 10:37
mr google helped a little bit


not sure if this helps, or adds to the confusion ..

31-Dec-2008, 11:36
Thanks for the info. It sounds like it is likely a low-end lens, like the Radionar.

Glenn Thoreson
31-Dec-2008, 17:13
The Bee Bee was said to be imported and sold by Burleigh Brooks, a large photographic supply firm of yesteryear. The story is that the name was a contraction to reflect that. It could have any one of a number of lenses on it. I don't think any of them would be that bad. They're kind of a cool little camera.

Edit: Later, he said: Oh sure, NOW I read the linky. I were right, tho. :D