View Full Version : Nikkor 90mm SW f/8 vs. SS XL 80mm: size

Harley Goldman
30-Dec-2008, 08:21
I am curious about the difference in physical size between these two lenses. I know the specs on both and the the 80mm is 0.19 g. lighter. The 80mm is a very compact design. I was wondering if the Nikkor is much bigger in terms of how far it extends out from the shutter. In other words, does it take up a lot more room in a lens case?

Sheldon N
30-Dec-2008, 11:10
The 80XL is a fair bit lighter and smaller than the 90mm SW f/8. It's 90 grams lighter and is much shorter. I don't have the specs but from seeing both of them I'd say that the 90mm is about 1.5 times longer in a lens case. The 80XL barely has a rear element at all compared to the 90, and the front element of the 80XL is shorter too.

Dave - Landscapes
30-Dec-2008, 20:12
Harley, some approx. dimensions for you. The Nikon 90mm f8 will do at least 5x7 and overall is about 2.8" or 7.1cm long whereas the Schneider 80mm f4.5 (4x5) is shorter at about 2" or 5cm long.

Hope this helps.



Bjorn Nilsson
31-Dec-2008, 05:00
Yes, the 80mm is definitely smaller than the 90. It also covers a little less than the 90, but as it's wider it more than evens out. My 80 does illuminate a 13x18cm on f/22 but with quite noticable fall-off in the corners. (I'm not using it for 13x18 (5x7") but I had to test it. I havn't printed that neg but will do that next time I get around setting up the big enlarger.)


Harley Goldman
31-Dec-2008, 08:37
That helps a lot! Thanks for the info, guys.