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Santo Roman
30-Dec-2008, 02:11
So I came across a lens that I can afford on ebay. Maybe I'll win, the question is, will I be able to attach this lens to the lens board and if not what else would i need to get? I have a toyo/omega 45D with 2 lens boards which I assume are copal 0. Any thoughts?



Gene McCluney
30-Dec-2008, 02:22
All you need is a lensboard with a hole that "fits" the lens. It looks like the lens has its retaining ring. Your Toyo lensboards may, or may not have a pre-cut hole of the right size. That is a Compur shutter, not a Copal, and I don't think it is an "O" size, but I could be wrong. In any case, it is not a big deal to enlarge the hole on a lensboard. Toyo lensboards are quite easy to find. You do know that a 90mm is a wide-angle on 4x5.

30-Dec-2008, 02:53
looks like a better shutter than you normally see this lens mounted in...

Bjorn Nilsson
30-Dec-2008, 04:48
I got a similar Syncro-Compur for my Symmar-S 150 lens, which is size #0. I'm not sure, but it looks the same size.
But ask the seller what size the shutter is, or if he don't know ask him if he can measure the size of the thread. The size of a #0 thread is 32.5mm and a #00 has a thread size of 25.5mm.
These values can be found on: S.K. Grimes (http://skgrimes.com/lensmount/shutmt/index.htm).

If it's a size 0 your in luck, if it's size 00 you have to either find a blank lensboard and have it drilled yourself, or get an adapter from e.g. the above mentioned S.K. Grimes.


Robert A. Zeichner
30-Dec-2008, 05:22
This is a size 0. I have the identical lens/shutter. You should have no mounting problems at all. Of course you will need a lens board cut with a #0 hole, but those are in plentiful supply in various sizes and styles. Just post what you are looking for (what camera the board needs to fit) on the FS/WTB section and someone will probably have what you need.

Gem Singer
30-Dec-2008, 06:13
The 90 Schneider Angulon requires a recessed lens board in order to function easily on a Toyo/Omega 45D. I have an extra one. It's milled for Copal 0 (approx 35mm).

If you win the lens on eBay and need a lens board for it, let me know.

30-Dec-2008, 07:06
90 angulons have very little coverage. The one I had (from the 50's) wouldn't cover 4x5 at any stop. I would spend the extra money and get a 90/8 super angulon or caltar 90/6.8. In addition, synchro-compurs, unlike other compurs, cannot be repaired (at least with new parts).

Kevin Crisp
30-Dec-2008, 07:37
It will fit a "0" sized hole, same as a Copal. This is a relatively late production version of this lens. Maybe it will cover with a little room for movement. Go for it.

30-Dec-2008, 07:54
You have a camera with lots of movement. The angulon was developed for press cameras with minimal movement. IMO you will be wasting your money. Check out # 270320427635 and similar auctions.

30-Dec-2008, 08:07
I have the same lens in the same shutter. #0 hole. Nice stopped down to f22.

Gene McCluney
30-Dec-2008, 09:10
90 angulons have very little coverage. The one I had (from the 50's) wouldn't cover 4x5 at any stop.

That has just not been the case with me and with other owners of the 90mm Angulon. I have successfully used it on 5x7 without vignetting. It is a wee bit softer way out in the corners of the 5x7, but still quite nice.

Ole Tjugen
30-Dec-2008, 12:05
If a 90mm f:6.8 Angulon doesn't cover 4x5" at any stop, there's something wrong with it.

I'm sure a simple search will turn up the link to my 90mm Angulon shootout - which was done on 5x7" film. This relatively late Angulon won't cover 5x7", but the sharpness should be very good and even over the entire 4x5" from f:11 or so. Older ones (pre-WWII) are not as sharp in the corners at moderate apertures, but can give adequate sharpness over the whole 5x7" at f:45.

Robert A. Zeichner
30-Dec-2008, 14:01
As far as coverage, even if a lens just covers 4x5, you will still have the ability to do swings and tilts at the rear of the camera. Back there you are just foreshortening the target size, so you will have no problem. In the front, a different story as you would be swinging the projected cone of light off the target area. That said, understand that there are some visual differences in doing tilts and swings at the front vs. the rear. For typical landscape applications where you are merely needing a slight amount of tilt or swing to get everything into focus (and you won't need much with 90mm lens), you will probably not run into any difficulties. As far as recessed boards go, these will only be needed on cameras where you can't get the front and rear standards close enough together to allow infinity focus. I have no trouble using a 90 on my Deardorff and my Ikeda. Wisners won't give you any trouble either. You may need to tilt back the front standard at the base and then re-adjust the lens panel to vertical position, but you should be okay with just a flat board on those types of cameras. On technical field cameras, you might require a recessed board in order to be able to easily focus and extend the rear of the camera to do rear tilts and swings.

30-Dec-2008, 19:45
I have the same lens in the same shutter. #0 hole. Nice stopped down to f22.

very nice little lens stopped down to f32 and you will get 4x5 coverage
incedently that is the story behind the name of F32.NET which is gone now.

Ole Tjugen
30-Dec-2008, 20:02
very nice little lens stopped down to f32 and you will get 4x5 coverage.

As said, that depends on the age of the lens and the user's definition of "coverage".
That f:32 is needed for 4x5" coverage is a myth - even if it may be true for one definition of "coverage" and one "vintage" of Angulon.