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mario abba
12-Jun-2001, 11:53

I'm trying to get info about the "JOBO Sheet Film Tank System" that interests me . Though, I don't intend to use this system with any automated rotary system. Do you think that it is possible to use those tanks (2551) by inversion intermit tent-agitation as I would with the roll film? Is there a manual processing syste m that let be agitate at intermittent intervals?

Thank you.

12-Jun-2001, 12:40

I Use a Jobo tank to hand develop my sheet film. Yeah it takes a lot of chemistry (I fill it up and develop only 4 sheets at a time), but chemistry is cheap (and re-useable). I agitate for the first minute, then 5 seconds every minute thereafter.

Tony P.

mario abba
12-Jun-2001, 12:45

How much chemistry do you need to put in it? What about the uniformity of the development? are you happy with it?

Thank for you time. .

12-Jun-2001, 13:46

I fill my 2500 series tank until it's almost full - about 1.4 liters. With the exception of the devoloper, I reuse all the other chemicals.

Development has been uniform, and I'm more than happy to be able to develop in the light.

Cheers, Tony P.

Charlie Stracl
12-Jun-2001, 14:07
I do exactly as Tony, and it takes 1.4 liters. I've got a 2-reel system, and only load the bottom reel. That way the chemistry has space to mix when I invert. 1.4 liters covers the bottom reel completely.

I get very consistent results following this process. I'm now experimenting with 2-bath (divided) developers so I can re-use the developer.

Charlie Stracl
12-Jun-2001, 14:08
Forgot to add, though, that I do 6 sheets at a time.

12-Jun-2001, 14:33
Tony and Charlie,

Can I ask you which times you use for your developement when you agitate your tank by hand. Are you using the times quoted for small tanks or sheet film?

thank you, Claudia.

12-Jun-2001, 17:33
Mario, Claudia,

I used the manufacturer's recommendation for sheet film as a starting point, and worked from there...

Not that I'm displeased with my results, but if I had the money I would purchase the double reel tank like Charlie (I use double reels for my 35mm and MF development, and should be consistent).


12-Jun-2001, 17:39
Sorry, forgot to add that I process 1 sheet of negatives (1 roll 35mm, 1 roll 120, 4 sheets 4x5) at a time.

David Willis
12-Jun-2001, 18:55
I use one too. Mine holds a single reel, and I develop 4 sheets at a time and use 1 liter of chemistry to allow some air space for better mixing during inversion.

I shoot Tri-X at 200 and develop in HC-110 dilution B for 6 minutes at 68 degrees with constant agitation. I roll forward 10 times, backward 10 times, invert twice, and slap to dislodge bubbles. Works great for me. I use the developer one shot, but reuse the other chemistry.


Eric Boutilier-Brown
12-Jun-2001, 19:09

I've used the Jobo Reels and tanks for close to a decade now, in various forms. I have done manual processing with a 12 sheet tank (two reels) on a Beseler drum (with the alternating rotation), and now use the Expert Dryms. With the sheet reels, I used 24 oz of chemistry for 12 sheets, or 2 oz each. Now I use Xtol in the Expert Drums, so I have to use more chemistry, but the results are worth it. I have never tried intermittent agitation, as the drums are made for rolling - I'd recomend picking up a Beseler roller (with alternating rotation) and take advantage of the constant rotation/agitation.