View Full Version : Offer for lenses- What would YOU do

26-Dec-2008, 22:15
Lets say you were looking to get a sturdy 4x5 field camera setup together for color and B&W work. Weight is a consideration but not a big one. Say a local offers you the following lenses, all for $400.

Schneider f/8 90mm Super-Angulon S/N 6814007
Schneider f/8 121mm Super-Angulon S/N 12573228
Schneider f/5.6 210mm Symmar S/N 82573228

Now consider you are fairly poor, recent photo graduate trying to get a lot of bang for his buck. Judging from previous conversations the seller will not go much lower... Would you take the offer?

26-Dec-2008, 22:43
$400 for all three? If so and the glass and shutters on all three are in good order then I would say yes. If $400 each, then no way.

A note about that particular 90mm though. Its mounted in a syncro-compur #00 which is an odd size. Boards are not pre-cut for that size these days and spare parts are hard to find for that shutter. I suppose its worth using, just requires a bit more effort than a compur #0 like the 121 is mounted in.

Jim Galli
26-Dec-2008, 22:48
Yes! Excellent buy.

Frank Petronio
26-Dec-2008, 23:00
Buy em and sell two, keep the third for free.

Eric Woodbury
26-Dec-2008, 23:40
If they are right for you, then they are a good deal. If not, then wait. Don't be in a hurry. There are a lot of lenses out there. I have had both the 90 and the 121. Both very good. I had a more modern 90, but the 121 was about the same. The 121 will cover 8x10. Everybody needs a 210.

neil poulsen
27-Dec-2008, 00:08
Great offer. Take the offer. The 121 you have looks to be one of the later models, being all black. $400 would be a fair offer just for that lens.

Use all three for a while and then decide which ones you want to keep.

27-Dec-2008, 07:05
I'll buy them if you don't want them.:D

Ken Lee
27-Dec-2008, 08:48
I paid more than that, just for a 121mm SuperAngulon, in... 1972 !

27-Dec-2008, 10:19
Yeah, that's a very good deal. As mentioned you could probably sell one or two of them and make all of your $400 back anyway.

27-Dec-2008, 14:24
Looks like I am off to the bank! Thanks for the advice everyone.

For those of you interested, let me try them out for a while and see what I want to keep. If I do end up selling any I'll post them here rather than ebay.