View Full Version : Anyone have info on Velostigmat 7.25" 4.5 Series II in Betax?

25-Dec-2008, 07:11
Merry Christmas!

I'm new to LF (6 months) and have a couple of wide lenses for landscapes. I've been enjoying the soft focus B&W photography posted here and am looking for an inexpensive way to dabble. I found a Velostigmat 7.25" 4.5 Series II in a Betax shutter for sale for $95 am am wondering what people think about this.

I'm looking for a good piece of glass for 4x5 around 7.25" that is cheap. Mostly because it may not be my cup of tea and $$ is tight. B&W only.


25-Dec-2008, 07:40
Here go to web site and under Info you will find a lot of info on those lenses : Good luck and enjoy the learning curve !


25-Dec-2008, 07:41
Been there. Uh, thanks.

25-Dec-2008, 08:11
I believe the shorter Velostigmat Series II lenses never had a diffusion option, so don't expect it to be a soft focus lens. It's going to be tough to find an inexpensive soft focus lens in a shutter. A bi-convex lens from a magnifier or a two element cemented achromat are cheap options if you can rig a simple shutter.

25-Dec-2008, 10:07
Wide open the lens does have a nice transition to OOF areas, and the look is good to my eyes. The area of focus remains quite sharp and does not display any of the sort of exaggerated highlights that some true SF lenses like the P&S or Struss (currently on display in one of JG threads) can show. Closed down it is a nice sharp normal lens for 4x5. If all is in working condition that is a very nice price.

25-Dec-2008, 19:56
for $95 in a working shutter you can not go wrong. shoot her wide open. after you get the knack then look for something else if you feel you need to.

at 4.5 it will give you some real nice portraits.

go for it.

John Kasaian
25-Dec-2008, 21:40
Yup, the Velostigmat f/4.5 Series II is quite a nice lens---I have one. It is nice and soft when shot open and quite sharp when stopped down (not g claron sharp--more like commercial ektar sharp)
When open don't expect twirlies but I like what it does with highlights. At that price, IMHO it is a good deal!

26-Dec-2008, 07:13
The Velos are great lenses IMO. Excellent smooth bokeh. With soft-focus prices so high, you might try to make your own experiments by unscrewing the cells slightly. It's not the same as a built in diffuser, but it may give you interesting effects.