View Full Version : Goerz Apo-Artars for landscapes

Erik Ryberg
15-Oct-1998, 00:30
Hello. I am looking for a longish lens for my rickety old 8x10 & packard shutte r that I can afford, or at least almost afford, and am wondering if anyone has e xperience with the Goerz Apo Artars, which I believe are process lenses, focused at infinity. (I have my eye on the 24".) Is it true these process lenses do n ot perform well at infinity, and just how bad are they, exactly? Given that I a m not going to enlarge the print at all . . .. My standards probably are not as high as most readers of this forum, but I do want something better than a blown up 6x4.5 or 35 mm image. Thanks.

Erik Ryberg

Sergio Ortega
15-Oct-1998, 15:16
Erik, I have a 24" Goerz Red Dot Apo Artar. I have not heard or read anything but positive things about the Apo Artars, focused at infinity or otherwise. They are generally considered some of the best "classic" lenses for 8x10.

My example compares very favorably with the other 8x10 lenses I use: 450 Fuji, 3 05 G-Claron, 10" WF Ektar, and Nikkor 150SW. If you can find a good, clean exam ple, I think you'll be very satisfied.

Good luck, Sergio.