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Dan Fromm
24-Dec-2008, 07:16
Here it is, Christmas Eve and we can't manage to have a good brawl in honor of the day.

For those of you who read French, our French counterparts have a really great brawl going. Please look here: http://www.galerie-photo.info/forum/read.php?f=1&i=81251&t=81251

I put this post in the lenses section because I think the discussion about sharpness in the link above has more to do with lenses than the Plaubel Makina 67 its original post asked about.

A Merry Christmas to all,


24-Dec-2008, 07:36
Almost makes me wish I could read French....

24-Dec-2008, 07:44
Gee, can't argue with that post. Well, then... Merry Christmas; or is it 'Happy Christmas'. Let's fight over that!

24-Dec-2008, 08:24
Almost makes me wish I could read French....

Use the Babelfish translator on the Altavista web site.
Copy the page address from your browser address bar, while looking at the foreign language page.
Navigate to the web site www.altavista.com
Right below the search window, left click the blue link babelfish translator
on the second option "translate a web page", paste the web page address into the blank window (make sure only one HTTP:// is showing)
Select a language from/to option
Left click the Translate button


Syntax not absolutely correct, but readable with minor difficulty.

Works for many languages and translating blocks of text as you will see when you visit.

Ken Lee
24-Dec-2008, 08:35
Here is a link to a translated version, courtesy of Google


24-Dec-2008, 08:44
"Hello ftnt75,
Votre papa a du avoir des problèmes avec l'état civil, Your dad's having problems with marital status,
Mais finalement c'est bien passé .... But ultimately, it is well .... "

Hmmmm...metioning parental marital status...that can't end well.

I'm up for a scrap. Anyone want to talk about what a pita noobs like me are?

Aender Brepsom
24-Dec-2008, 08:45
Thanks Dan, I really enjoyed reading it!

Happy holidays to everyone.

24-Dec-2008, 09:04
Anyone want to talk about what a pita noobs like me are?

You are a middle-eastern sandwich bread?

24-Dec-2008, 10:51
The broken english if the google translation only adds to it.

Anyone have a vote on the best/worst brawl in this forum? i'm tempted to translate it to french and then back again. To make it better.

24-Dec-2008, 10:55
You are a middle-eastern sandwich bread?

Isn't that Puta?

24-Dec-2008, 11:19
This is what you mean, right?

"In Roman mythology, according to Arnobius, Puta was the goddess of pruning vines and bushes. "

If you are speaking Spanish, then perhaps you will be so kind as to retract your comment.

24-Dec-2008, 13:19
OMG...the google translation reads more like a shakespearian play. Should be required reading for every english lit. & poetry student (even though it's french). Just out of curiosity; what exactly are "perfectly quilted extremes"?

tom thomas
24-Dec-2008, 14:12
No, that's pee-tah bread, not poo-tah bread. Both can taste good though.

Allen in Montreal
24-Dec-2008, 15:54
OMG...the google translation reads more like a shakespearian play.......

Ahhh the beeauty of the French language, so many more and juicier words to draw from! :)

"la toxicite du chablis est redoutable"
turns to:
"The toxicity of windthrow is daunting"

neil poulsen
28-Dec-2008, 08:35
Let's talk about Pyro!

Steve M Hostetter
28-Dec-2008, 08:53
quote: I do not be lazy enough ? that sounds like bad english and not the rock group :D

Steve M Hostetter
28-Dec-2008, 09:07
they act like they invented photography :D

Ralph Barker
28-Dec-2008, 09:22
Let's talk about Pyro!

The pie row at the fair tastes better. ;)

28-Dec-2008, 09:35
they act like they invented photography :D

LOL, Steve!

28-Dec-2008, 11:21
I'm up for a scrap. Anyone want to talk about what a pita noobs like me are?

Don't ever use the word "noob". It's an abomination against all humanity.

Colin Corneau
30-Dec-2008, 16:22
Joyeux Noel, for the record...

Steve Hamley
30-Dec-2008, 17:43

I'm trying. Maybe in more ways than one..

Cheers, Steve

Dan Fromm
30-Dec-2008, 22:38
Steve, I know you're trying. In more ways than one, so thanks for acknowledging it.

The discussion on the French forum wasn't particularly vitriolic. Participants there seem to be more gentlemanly, also more literary and literate, on average than participants here. I'm ashamed of myself for being below average there and here. Yes, I'm trying too.

Bon an nouveau,


neil poulsen
30-Dec-2008, 22:50
The pie row at the fair tastes better. ;)

I have to admit, I laughed. Thanks for cheering up my day!