View Full Version : Manual Grafmatic Filmholder

Andreas Frijdal
24-Jul-2001, 18:02
Can someone tell me where I can find an instruction manual for a Grafmatic 4x5 F ilm Holder

Tnaks in advance


Dean Lastoria
24-Jul-2001, 18:16
www.graflex.org (or is ist graphlex.org?). Anyhow, be carefull witht he septums being right as far as the index pins -- cause they bend. Dean

Kevin Crisp
24-Jul-2001, 19:44
Andreas: Having looked at the original factory instructions today, compared with the graflex.org ones, I'd say download the web site ones, they're better. I can scan and email you the factory sheet if you want.

tim atherton
26-Jul-2001, 00:16
I have a pdf of the instruction book I can send along, but it's a biggish file