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23-Dec-2008, 15:00

im going to try the Polaroid 55 first time.
So i have read that you sholud clear the negative in a sodium sulfit clearing bath, and make it scratching resistence with a special "Kodak Rapid Fix with Hardener".
And after all, ive to use the print coater which which is contants of the 55-package

1. solidium clearing bath
2. rapid fix with hardener
3. print coater


Do you have any other tricks, how i should be able to do the best practise with this film?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

23-Dec-2008, 15:07
I've never done #2 or 3. In fact, I've never heard of doing #3 to the neg... that is for the positive. With careful handling the soft negs are not a problem. Don't expect a decent neg and positive from the same packet - the speed of each is quite different.

EDIT: now that I re-read your posting... of course, you know the print coater is for the print. Sorry.

23-Dec-2008, 15:18
Yes, the print coater is for the print only...not the negative.

Hardener is not needed, but take care in washing the neg...the emulsion will be more prone to scratching until the emulsion has has a chance to dry and "cure".

There is about a stop difference between the print and the neg...if the print is a stop light, then the neg will be just right.

Selenuim toning of the negative is possible...to boost contrast, it desired.


23-Dec-2008, 15:57
Polaroid 55 P/N (http://cameraartist.com/words/how_i_shoot_polaroid_55_pn.htm)

Gem Singer
23-Dec-2008, 16:06
If you do a Google search for "Polaroid Type 55" on the LF Home Page (blue tool bar above), you will find ten pages relating to using and processing Polaroid Type 55 film.

Judging from your questions, you should read through the archives before spending time and money on that extremely expensive, now-discontinued film.

Bjorn Nilsson
24-Dec-2008, 05:31
The print is quite picky about correct exposure, so if you want that one correct, expect around ISO 50-60. The negative is around 1 stop slower, i.e. ISO 25-30. But these are guidelines only.