View Full Version : 1st time using AND developing Kodak 160NC, failure..

23-Dec-2008, 11:11
I should have started with an easy bland object like a brick wall for my first try but my friends were going up to SF to shoot the skyline so I figured I'd give that a go. This was shot at f32 for 2 seconds and developed in my JOBO CPP2 using chemicals I mixed the day before and processed at 38deg per the instructions. I then scanned it in using VueScan on my V750 using the '8x10 transparency color negative' setting, set to Kodak 160NC.

Any ideas what would cause this mess, the negative is awfully red and monochromatic?


23-Dec-2008, 11:15
I can't answer your question... but that's a pretty cool photo! Is that a lightning strike on the pointy building?

23-Dec-2008, 11:17
LOL, more like a cat hair :) I forgot to mention the negative is awfully thin, I think I overexposed it by a good margin which might have something to do w/it.

Struan Gray
23-Dec-2008, 12:17
A red, underexposed negative is the classic symptom of having loaded the film backwards, i.e. with the film base towards the lens. Another clue: note that the edge markings look as if they developed correctly.

When you expose through the film base the colour filters within the film prevent the relevant light from ever getting to the emulsion layer that is supposed to capture it. Only the red layer receives any light because it's on the bottom, which when you load backwards becomes the top.

23-Dec-2008, 12:27
Crud, I coulda swore I loaded the film with the notches in the upper right, but I'm glad its an obvious mistake.

Kirk Fry
23-Dec-2008, 12:40
Depends whether you hold the film holder in portrait or horizontal direction when you load it. In horizontal, upper right is incorrect!!!! K

23-Dec-2008, 13:03

will let you see if you loaded wrong or not

23-Dec-2008, 13:32
Red Scale classic.

I rather like it. If I were you, I'd claim that was a lightning strike and post it on flickr!


Brandon Draper
23-Dec-2008, 17:32
I think it is cool. Would be better if it was hort. and the sky was the same on both sides.

Tell everybody you did it on purpose:)

23-Dec-2008, 18:25
Hah, I only showed a part of the scan to illustrate the error, but this one I totally did on purpose, yea...


(The red scale savant)

Brandon Draper
23-Dec-2008, 19:31
That's looks better.