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22-Dec-2008, 19:18
Hi All,
I'm starting to do C41 and E6 in my Jobo CPP2 and I'm wondering where there is a good description of the hazard/safety information for the processes are. My wife is concerned (not w/out right) about me and color film processing (which I apparently promised I'd never do 9 years ago when I took a B&W class) but I understand the dangers and take the suggested precautions (gloves,goggles, huge open window, etc). PLUS its a Jobo so its not like I'm doing development in a tray...

Erik Larsen
22-Dec-2008, 19:29
If you are using the jobo, you are at minimal risk I would think. Just be careful measuring out the chems and all will be fine. I don't take the precautions you mention and my doctor says I have at least 9 months to live:) It's a piece of cake - have fun with it!

23-Dec-2008, 04:20
The worst bit is chemical disposal. I have two kits worth of exhausted (and highly toxic) chemicals in sealed bottles waiting to find a good home.

Look into that ASAP or you'll find your nose hairs burnt in searching for somewhere to dump them.

When I dev C-41 I have a window open, marigold gloves on, goggles, and I make sure I don't get any chems on my arms or anything. So far so good.... touch wood.

23-Dec-2008, 09:55
Processing E-6 and C-41 in a Jobo is a piece of cake. The only con is the time it takes you to measure out the E-6 chemistry. As far as safety, smell the caps as Kodak suggests instead of sticking your nose into the bottle. Otherwise processing color in a Jobo is odorless.


23-Dec-2008, 09:59
Surf over to the Kodak website. The info should all be there. IIRC C-41 Z-119 I think that's the document number.

Fix is fix. Some people use the same fix for both B&W and colour.

The only thing that bothers me is hot bleach/blix. That stuff stinks. So I don't drink it-))

There are basic common sense things you can do. No food or drink in darkroom. Ever. Stuff like that.

23-Dec-2008, 11:02
Thanks guys,
Now to convince her I have enough common sense.

eric black
23-Dec-2008, 11:38
Another thing you can do is check with your local waste disposal operation- in Frederick County, MD we have opportunities twice a year to dispose of photo related chemicals at no cost in an environmentally friendly manner by driving them to a disposal station where they handle the items along with other things like motor oil etc...