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Alex Hollmann
22-Dec-2008, 13:34
A friend returned some 8X10 holders to me and loaded a selection of different films in them, writing on each side of the holder what film was loaded there. Unfortunately, as I now discover having taken photos with these holders and having unloaded the film into tanks before processing, he was not accurate in his labeling. The films involved according to his labels are: Ilford HP5 and FP4 and Acros. I know what the notches for HP5 and FP4 look (or rather, feel) like, but don't know what the Acros notch is like, though I have searched the web. I can't be sure that the film that isn't HP5 or FP4 is actually Acros, since he uses a range of films besides Ilford and Fuji.

Can anyone help with a description or picture of an Acros notch?

My other problem is that I no longer know which film came from which holder, so that I suspect one non-HP5 film has been exposed at 400 ASA, but cannot tell which one - but that's another story...

Thanks for any help

Richard K.
22-Dec-2008, 18:22
Looks like this:

......................................o |
....................................... |
....................................... |

where the Us are shallow scoops; there's also a circle punched through, as shown...

Gem Singer
22-Dec-2008, 18:56
I thought that little punched through circle was only used on 4X5 Fuji Acros 100 Quickloads.

Never noticed it on my 4X5 and 8X10 Acros sheet films.

It's been a while since I used Fuji Acros, and I don't remember the notch codes for those films. However, I always processed the Acros sheets in the same developer (Pyrocat-HC), and for the same developing times, that I used for HP-5+ and FP-4+. It came out just fine.

Alex Hollmann
22-Dec-2008, 19:42
Many thanks, Richard and Gem. I'll compare the pattern with the film I have - I suspect it is Acros. On the film I noticed that the notches were very shallow, much shallower than those on the Ilford films, so that also makes sense. No punched hole, but sounds like there shouldn't be on Acros sheet film other than on the readyload version, acc. to Gem.

Gratefully in Seattle,


Diane Maher
22-Dec-2008, 20:06
I checked the film notch image on the Acros 8x10 box and besides the notch, it does show the hole in the film just below the notch.

Gem Singer
22-Dec-2008, 21:27
I dug out a developed Acros 8X10 negative, and by gosh, there is a tiny hole in the film. It is located in the clear rebate just below, and alongside, the notches. Hardly noticeable, unless you are looking for it.

The notch code consists of two small "U"'s followed by another small "U" about a quarter inch to the left. looking at the emulsion side of the film in the vertical position.

Please excuse my senior moment.

Dirk Rösler
24-Dec-2008, 21:40
this is the notch