View Full Version : center filter in wide angle lens

Cal Eng
24-Jul-2001, 01:46
I have access to a 58mm Schneider and was wondering if you need to use the cente r filter? Is the fall off of light really noticable? If I do, I think I can re nt one so that won't be a problem. Thanks, Cal.

Walter Glover
24-Jul-2001, 09:05

If you intend to shoot full frame 4x5 and include expanses of uniform tone in your pictures then the Centre-grad is certainly essential with the 58mm SA-XL

On 6x9 you can get away without one so long as your displacements or swings & tilts are not extreme. And 6x12 without one is touch & go.

At the end of the day if you care enough about image quality to use kit like this then don't compromise on the last link in the chain.