View Full Version : Coverage of Eastman Anastigmat Series-S 4.5/254 (10in)

21-Dec-2008, 04:50
Dear all,

I haven't been successful in finding the data of this lens.

Can anybody tell me the coverage/image circle?

Is it the same like the no. 35 Kodak Anastigmat 4.5/254 ?
Any data on this lens, then?

Is it a process lens or a camera lens?

Thanks for your support

Mark Sampson
22-Dec-2008, 08:17
Most likely a tessar-formula camera lens, perhaps an uncoated predecessor of the 10" Commercial Ektar. As such, would barely cover 8x10 at infinity. But "Series-S" is a Kodak designation I've never seen, used, or heard of before. Kodak process lenses usually have the word 'process' in their names.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
22-Dec-2008, 08:40
As I recall (incorrectly, perhaps) about 15 years ago I saw an older aerial camera (Fairchild?) which had an uncoated 10" Kodak Series-S Anastigmat mounted in it.