View Full Version : 14" Gold Dot Dagor in Copal 3

Henry Suryo
24-Jul-2001, 13:18
Hello, Could anybody tell me more about this lens. I've looked at the postings in the a rchive, and none seem to have the answers I need. This lens says Schneider Corp. of America in front and is mounted on an early Co pal 3 shutter. It's made in Switzerland, by Kern I believe. How does it differ to the ones with a Compur 3 shutter that says Schneider Kreus znach and MC in front? Is it just different vintage? Do they perform and cover similarly? What would be the most practical way to att ach filters, the lens is unthreaded? Thanks, and good shooting.

Hugo J. Zhang
24-Jul-2001, 13:39
The lens in Copal 3 is an earlier version and single coated. The one in Compur 3 is a multi-coated late production run and usually costs a two or three hundreds more than the first one. I use a Lee filter with the snap-on rubber band, easy and great with different lens sizes.

24-Jul-2001, 14:30
It is vorbotten for ordinary citizens to possess one of these. Send it to me immediately and I will take care of the problem for you. Tell no one, and you do not have to thank me publically.

Rob Tucher
24-Jul-2001, 19:43
I have one. Lee made an adaptable clamp mount for me that takes all accessories. For custom work it was cheap...$125 as I remember. Don't know anything about the one mounted in a Compur 3. Mine can SQUEAK out an image on 7x17" with no movement at f/22, and can cover 11x14" barely. Fabulous lens, and is contrasty and sharp. The older Goerz Dagor 14" f/7.7 covers 12x20! Mine, I believe, is single-coated and the MC would denote multi-coating.

27-Jul-2001, 11:43
Hi Henry,

There are three versions of 14" Gold Dot Dagor lenses made by Kern and marketed by Schneider. The first version is single coated, and mounted in "older" Copal #3 shutter (thread size 60 mm); the second version is also single coated and mounted in "old" Copal #3 shutter (thread size 62 mm, chrome rim); the third version is multi-coated and mounted in black Compur #3 shutter only. All three versions aparently have the same coverage. The first and second versions do not have filter threads, and Steve K. Grimes can make a push-on filter adapter to any size you wish for $50, and the third version has a 60 mm filter thread. As you can expect, the multi-coated third version is MUCH contrastier, but some of my friends said it's too "HARSH" for B&W. The single coated versions give excellent tonal range. It's a personal taste. The first version and third version sell for about the same price, but usually the third version is in better shape and therefore its price is higher. I don't have the second version. Because it's very rare, I was told, its selling price is at least doubled (it's a collector's item. Does NOT make any sense!). Hope this helps. Cheers,