View Full Version : Well, now I've gone and done it.

Dan Dozer
19-Dec-2008, 00:04
I invited Hugo Zhang over for a joint shoot with a model a couple of weeks ago. You all know Hugo - Mr. Chamonix to most of you, but Mr. "I've got every cult lens in existance" to those of you who really know him. I made him bring his Pinkham & Smith (he actually told me he has two) and I tried it out. What a beautiful and different look it has. Just enought softness to cut the edge and the fall off is amazing. But the problem is - who can afford those things? Now I've gotten the taste of it and I want more!

Here I am stuck with my lowly Heliar (which I thought was something special) trying to do portrait type stuff. Oh well, at least Hugo doesn't live very far away and I think I can entice him back sometime again soon.

(You know I'm only kidding don't you Hugo. We're still friends, right?)

Seriously, it was great to work with Hugo's incredible lenses. If you ever get a chance to borrow such a thing, try it out. And Hugo - you're welcome to come by again whenever you want. Let's set up another shoot together.

matthew blais
19-Dec-2008, 02:18
The good thing is he has to drive right through my area to get to your house...Hmmm...

Dan Dozer
19-Dec-2008, 09:50
Matt - One P&S for you and one for me - I think that works just fine. Do you want the Visual Quality or the Bi Quailty?

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Dec-2008, 10:38
Dan, I know that I'm way out in Ventura so On the way to your place maybe I should stop by the lens mine in Tonopah and tell Jim that I saw a beautiful P&S in the road with his name on it. I can then swoop in and get one of his. I'll need to get the keys to the vault first. This portrait thing is going to happen with me sooner than later. I guess I'll have to try my lonely hybrid lenses. The Voigtlander and my walnut 14" ektar!


Dan Dozer
19-Dec-2008, 15:49
Good Idea Jim. Do you think that either of them will notice when their lenses are gone? Hopefully, they won't read this thread.

19-Dec-2008, 16:39
And Hugo - you're welcome to come by again whenever you want. Let's set up another shoot together.

are you sure you really need hugo? :eek: maybe he could just drop off the goodies!