View Full Version : Fujinon 90mm W F/8, any good??

18-Dec-2008, 13:38
seriously considering buying one of these lenses as my first LF lens. What do people who have used them think of them and there performance.
From what i read, the fujinon lenses are of a very high quality.
Interested to see peoples thoughts.

18-Dec-2008, 13:46
I just got this lens as my second lens, and like it a lot, though I must say I have very little experience with these things and cannot compare it to much else. My first images were nice and sharp, which is about as much as I hope for at this stage of the game. Picked mine up used at KEH for only $250.

18-Dec-2008, 13:55
coops, what was the lens you bought listed as? thers a few on there, interested to see what condition yours is in and which condition band they put it in.

18-Dec-2008, 14:16
It was the rating above the bargain rating. I think the lens is to be 79-89% of original, with no marks on the lens that should affect image quality. The guy I spoke to on the phone was helpful and told me I could return it if unhappy within 14 days.
It looked good to me, but did not have lens caps.
I purchased a Mamiya RB67 body and three lenses for it from them all rated just above bargain, at great prices and all work well.

David Karp
18-Dec-2008, 14:20
I have had a single coated 90mm f/8 Fujinon SW that I purchased from Jim at MPEX. It is nice and sharp. An added plus is that it was remounted into a Copal shutter. Looks like it was an S.K. Grimes job, because the f/stops are engraved. According to the information I found these were originally in Seiko shutters.

I recently sold this (although I have not yet received the $) only because I had a chance to purchase a 90mm f/8 Nikkor SW with its bigger image circle. Of course, you pay for the bigger image circle.

A very good lens in my opinion. In my opinion, it stands up to any other lenses I have used from Nikon, Rodenstock, and Schneider (plus newer Fujinons). I have several Fujinon lenses and have been very pleased with them.

18-Dec-2008, 14:33
It is being described as the later version of this shutter. ooks in very good nick. What would you pay for something like this, i dont want to be ripped off tbh coz im not over knowing about LF yet.