View Full Version : Bellows Material

Don Hall
9-Jun-2001, 13:10
Does anyone know if any significant weight reduction can be acheived on a 4x5 ca mera by replacing the original factory bellows with one of a different or lighte r weight material ? If so does anyone have any reccomendations ?

Dave Willison
9-Jun-2001, 15:54

My guess is that you won't get any significant weight reduction by replacing the bellows. If you were to switch to a bag bellows or a compact bellows and you removed an extension rail in the process, you might loose some weight. Even that, however, probably won't have much impact. If you are looking for serious weight reduction, I suspect the lens, the tripod, and accesories are the items to consider. Obviously, there are also weight reduction possibilities by purchasing a lighter camera or moving to a smaller format (8x10 to 4x5, for example). LF box cameras are also an attractive alternative, provided you can do without movements.


paul owen
10-Jun-2001, 07:19
Hi Don, I agree with going along the alternative avenue, ie trying to make weight savings elsewhere. I assume that you are out in the field (hence the need to save weight on long treks) so it would be a good idea to review your choice of tripod and the amount of gear you take with you. I used to take everything but the kitchen sink! But am gradually whittling down the amount (and weight)that I carry. Do you really need ALL those film holders, is the roll film/polaroid back essential on todays trip, do I need ALL those lenses?????? These are all questions I ask myself, and sometimes you do need to be a bit ruthless in leaving things at home. But it is also quite liberating when you restrict yourself to just one camera, one lens and a few holders.....then LF becomes even slower but, dare I say, even more enjoyable???? Good luck Paul